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Tonight on Let's Talk Digital: Social Media Sobriety and More


On tonight's Let's Talk Digital, I will be discussing the phenomenon known as Drunk Tweeting on Twitter and Facebook updates while under the influence. One of the biggest concerns of our society moving forward into a world of full transparency is the fact that our most embarrassing moments will be captured online forever, tagged in a Facebook photo album.

I will be discussing Social Media Sobriety Test, a plug-in that users install and configure with specific times that issue a sobriety test using your mouse trackpad. If you fail, you're barred from posting on your social network until the specified time is up.


For more info on this plugin,


Twitter Roll Call will also take place and a new segment known as Digital 101, where I provide a brief definition on an essential element of the Digital landscape. Just another way to continue to educate the listener base.


Let's Talk Digital airs as part of The Indie Top Ten Plus One Radio at 7pm on Sunday nights.

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